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Custom Award-Winning Aerial Photography

  • cypress point
    Cypress Point Golf Course, Pebble Beach, CA

    Multiple award winning aerial photographers and pilots, Pat and Julie Belanger, invite you to enjoy the view.

    The 111th has provided the finest in aerial photography since 1994. Using the latest in digital camera equipment and techniques, the 111th offers the highest quality aerial images at affordable rates. Our main office is in the San Francisco Bay Area and our coverage area is throughout California and beyond.

    The 111th specializes in oblique aerial photography, vertical aerial mapping and aerial video.

    Oblique aerial photography

    Oblique aerial photography is the angled view of a property. The 111th is always looking to bring back the complete picture taking close-ups of the site all the way around and wide views showing the location of the site. The client always receives at least 15-20 photographs of the site provided as digital files sized at 8" x 12" & 300 dpi. You as the client have full use of the imagery to use your aerials in any manner you deem appropriate.

    Vertical aerial mapping

    Vertical aerial mapping is taking straight down imagery. For large areas we take multiple images and mosaic them together into a single high resolution image.

    Aerial Video

    Aerial Video is a specialty art form and the 111th has made it affordable.

    Leading Network

    The 111th is networked around the world through the Professional Aerial Photographers Association, Int'l.

  • Pro Aerial Video

    Pro Aerial Video, Your resource for aerial footage from around the world.

    Aerial videography It is so desirable in the movie and television industry, it has become the standard for setting the scene. But you must have the right equipment and the right skills and experience to get it right. It is very difficult to get it right. The 111th has the right equipment at the right price for your project. For a fraction of the cost of the high-end movie systems even small projects with limited budgets can afford our aerial video services.

    Flying in an R-44 Helicopter, the back seat is fitted out as our aerial recording studio. A gyro stabilized, side-looking mount is the ideal smoothing platform for our HD camera. Our videographer & pilot both watch video monitors to confirm the shots. And later, the footage can be optimized for your production…in other words; your footage will look great!

    And if you have a custom aerial video project anywhere around the world, we are happy to assist you. We are well acquainted with the best in the business. And if it is outside our shooting area and we can’t shoot it for you, we know who can.

    Call us today to discuss what we can shoot for you.

    Stock Aerial Video

    For some projects, stock footage is the key to adding eye-catching aerial footage. At a cost of $50 per second, you can add a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge or New York skyline. Stock footage is always available through, the 111th’s extensive library of aerial footage collected from around the world. has become the world’s largest on-line resource for stock aerial footage specializing in city skylines, landmarks and landscapes from around the globe. From San Francisco to the Australian Coast, visit ProAerialVideo for the beautiful views.

    " has aerials that are downright exciting. Their aerials are low and steady, shot in beautiful light, and they're from all over the world. Large stock footage houses are find for most shots, but not aerials. Shooting aerials properly takes expertise-the stuff on is shot by pros who obviously know what they're doing."

    Michael Mendelsohn, Associate Producer ABC News 20/20

    Call us at 800-779-0410 and we can put it all together for you.

  • Owner, Pat Belanger, is a Proud Military Veteran. Let us bring our high quality photographic services and our SB / DVBE* Certification to your next project